Partnership beyond the Product

C&K's global engineering teams are highly experienced in collaborating with our customers to develop tailored solutions – either by adapting one of our standard products or by creating a solution that doesn’t yet exist. With expertise in industries including automotive, medical, industrial and aerospace, our company supports a full product development process that offers best value enabling customers to select the best available options for their needs.  

By partnering with C&K, our customers benefit from our extensive industry and application knowledge base – we can build on our massive catalogue of existing switches and legacy of engineering success to solve the most difficult design challenges. As well as haptics and sealing, our engineering teams can adapt many characteristics of our devices, such as the decoration, lighting, supplemental electronics and connections, to suit your preferences.  

Advantages of working with C&K

  • Industry leader in the design and manufacture of micro-miniature switches
  • Zero ppm defect manufacturing capability on all automotive-grade products
  • State-of-the-art design centers in Europe, North America and Asia, with complete in-house testing facilities in each region
  • Specialty supplier of high-reliability space connectors and smart card interconnect devices
  • Flexible manufacturing capabilities, able to scale production from prototype design through volume production
  • World-class machining, precision high-speed stamping, plastic and rubber molding, surface plating and overmolding skills
  • Offers a wide range of value-added solutions, from wire leads and harnesses to complete front panel assemblies

Market Success

Within the medical sector, for example, the haptic performance of clinical equipment is crucial – instruments of the same type must feel the same, wherever they are used. By working with our OEM partners and healthcare practitioners, we ensure that our switches are tailored to respond to just the right amount of operator pressure, and that this haptic performance is consistent across all devices from the same brand.

Similarly, in the automotive industry, car entry systems are becoming ever more sophisticated, requiring miniature components with complex switching requirements sealed against the elements and able to withstand considerable abuse. Our automotive OEM partners benefit from our expertise in integrating our switches into attractive and functional packages, such as key fobs. C&K can also ensure that the look, feel and sound of switch devices are consistent across a brand or range of models.

Collaboration & Design

By collaborating with our customers’ design teams, our expertise can help reduce time to market, as well as BoM and other costs. With C&K taking care of the switches, our customers are free to focus their valuable design resource on their core products, confident in the knowledge that our expertise will save them time and money, while enhancing the end product.

A successful product differentiation strategy creates brand loyalty among customers. As one of the world’s most trusted brands of high-quality electromechanical switches, let C&K help you add the features that make your products unique.