D*M Dust Cap Series
Protective Cap for D-Sub Connectors

DSub D*M Dust Cap product image

Image shown represents the product series and may not indicate the actual part number

Features and Benefits

  • Flight and Engineering models available
  • 6 shell sizes: E, A, B, C, D and F
  • Supplied with D*M and D*MA connector ESA/ESCC quality level
  • Antistatic

Typical Applications

  • Space equipements
  • Satellites harnesses
  • Launchers
  • Engineering
  • Military and Avionics


  • Material:


  • Finish:

    Black color, antistatic

= Most Common

Part Number
Description Quality Level Shell Size Contact Type
340102207B ESCC certified E Socket (Female)
340102208B ESCC certified E Pin (Male)
340102209B ESCC certified A Socket (Female)
340102210B ESCC certified A Pin (Male)
340102211B ESCC certified B Socket (Female)
340102212B ESCC certified B Pin (Male)
340102213B ESCC certified C Socket (Female)
340102214B ESCC certified C Pin (Male)
340102215B ESCC certified D Socket (Female)
340102216B ESCC certified D Pin (Male)
340102284B ESCC certified F Socket (Female)
340102285B ESCC certified F Pin (Male)
DUSTCAP-DE-SKT-20-FR022 Engineering Model E Socket (Female)
DUSTCAP-DE-PIN-20-FR022 Engineering Model E Pin (Male)
DUSTCAP-DA-SKT-20-FR022 Engineering Model A Socket (Female)
DUSTCAP-DA-PIN-20-FR022 Engineering Model A Pin (Male)
DUSTCAP-DB-SKT-20-FR022 Engineering Model B Socket (Female)
DUSTCAP-DB-PIN-20-FR022 Engineering Model B Pin (Male)
DUSTCAP-DC-SKT-20-FR022 Engineering Model C Socket (Female)
DUSTCAP-DC-PIN-20-FR022 Engineering Model C Pin (Male)
DUSTCAP-DD-SKT-20-FR022 Engineering Model D Socket (Female)
DUSTCAP-DD-PIN-20-FR022 Engineering Model D Pin (Male)
DUSTCAP-DF-SKT-20-FR022 Engineering Model F Socket (Female)
DUSTCAP-DF-PIN-20-FR022 Engineering Model F Pin (Male)