D*M Jackpost Series
Female Screwlock for D-Sub Connectors

DSub D*M Jackpost product image

Image shown represents the product series and may not indicate the actual part number

Features and Benefits

  • Female screw lock for D-Sub Connectors
  • Flight and Engineering models available
  • Standard panel, Savers and Feedthrough
  • Specific female screw lock for harnesses
  • Non-outgassing
  • Order 2 part-numbers per connector

Typical Applications

  • Satellites harnesses and payloads
  • Space equipements
  • Launchers
  • Engineering
  • Military and Avionics


  • Torque value - Standard - Brass material:

    5.5 cm.daN max

  • Torque value - Standard - Stainless steel material:

    6.6 cm.daN max

  • Torque value - Savers/Feedthrough - Brass material:

    3.3 cm.daN max

  • Torque value - Savers/Feedthrough - Stainless steel material:

    4.4 cm.daN max

  • Temperature range:

    -55°C to 125°C

  • Residual magnetism level - Brass material:

    200 Gamma (NMB) max

  • Residual magnetism level - Stainless steel material:

    2000 Gamma max

= Most Common

Description Quality Level Application Material Finish
340102206B NMB ESCC certified Savers Brass Gold
340102253B ESCC certified Savers Stainless Steel NA
340102258B NMB ESCC certified Feedthrough Brass Gold
340102297B ESCC certified Harness Brass Gold
340102201B NMB ESCC certified Standard (Panel) Brass Gold
340102248B ESCC certified Standard (Panel) Stainless Steel NA
340102259B ESCC certified Feedthrough Stainless Steel NA
D115418-0052-FR022 Engineering Model Standard (Panel) Brass Gold
D115418-1000-FR022 Engineering Model Standard (Panel) Stainless Steel NA
D115418-0070-FR022 Engineering Model Savers Brass Gold
D115418-1001-FR022 Engineering Model Savers Stainless Steel NA
D115418-0101-FR022 Engineering Model Feedthrough Brass Gold
D115418-0077-FR022 Engineering Model Feedthrough Stainless Steel NA
D115440-0201-FR022 Engineering Model Harness Brass Gold