Pts8500 Series
5.4 × 5.0 Side Actuated SMT Tact Switch

Tactile PTS850 product image
Tactile PTS850 product image
Tactile PTS850 product image

Image shown represents the product series and may not indicate the actual part number

PTS850 series, the low profile and small size side actuated tactile switch, has a size of only 5.4 x 5.0 mm and product height above PCB only 1.8 mm. With the low profile design and small size, PTS850 gives designers the flexibility to either free up space in their designs to add additional functionality or reduce the overall size of PCB. PTS850 series is available in 180 gf and 350 gf operating forces, with or without boss, which are the most common versions used in the market. The high quality and low profile PTS850 tactile switch is perfect solution to high-end consumer wearable and medical device markets.

Features and Benefits

  • 5.4 x 5.0 x 1.8 mm package
  • SMT termination
  • Side actuated with or without boss design
  • 180 and 350 gf versions
  • Life cycles 50K

Typical Applications

  • Headphone/ Headset
  • Health monitoring
  • Sports watch
  • Black box
  • Bluetooth accessory
  • Navigation devices


  • Contact Rating:

    12 VDC, 50 mA

  • Electrical Life:

    50,000 cycles

  • Insulation Resistance:

    100MΩ min.

  • Operating Temperature:

    -40°C to 85°C

  • Contact Resistance:

    500mΩ max.

  • Solderability:

    Lead free reflow soldering process according with IEC61760-1


  • Most Common:


  • Current Rating:

    DC12V 50mA max.

  • Circuit:


  • Mounting Type:

    Surface Mount

  • Sealing:


  • Illumination:


  • Switch Function:


  • Electrical Life Cycles:


  • Actuator Type:


  • Actuator Height off PCB, from Pins:

    1.8 mm

  • Actuator Orientation:

    Side Actuated

  • Termination Style:

    G Type

  • Footprint:

    5.4 x 5.0 mm

  • Illumination Voltage (Nominal):

  • Illumination Type, Color:

  • Operating Force:

    350 gf

  • Additional Features:

    With Boss

  • Packaging:

    Tape & Reel